Upkeep Of The Lake

"Little squirrels" youth group

Two groups of young people from the "Les Écureuils" (Little Squirrels) Youth Group have been to Lake Devesset to spend a day cleaning the lakeshore and repainting the lifeguard's shelter.

The ADSEA of Annonay

This Annonay youth group came to help tidy up the woodland around Lake Devesset.

International Working Group with Concordia Association

The Inter-commune Lake Management Union is delighted to welcome international working volunteers in partnership with Concordia, which was established in the 1950's in the spirit of bringing together the youth of Europe after the war.

The Pierre Valdo Association

In the spirit of engendering solidarity between all men and their fight against injustice , poverty and exclusion, the Pierre Valdo Association manages the induction and support of asylum seekers from their time of entry into France until they are integrated to the extent that they have been granted refugee status.

  • Pierre Valdo Mutual Aid Association
    21 route de Tence
    43400 Le Chambon sur Lignon.