International Working Group with Concordia Association

The Inter-commune Lake Management Union is delighted to welcome international working volunteers in partnership with Concordia, which was established in the 1950's in the spirit of bringing together the youth of Europe after the war.

Groupe Concordia

Since 1986, the regional Rhône-Alpes Concordia group has organised international and local projects throughout the region. It actively participates in local development projects by working in close partnership with local authorities, rural communes and local associations.

This mixed group consists of adults aged 17 to 30 years from many different cultures, who all wish to participate actively in ecological community service. These include people from the suburbs of Paris, Morocco, Algeria, Russia, Japan, Turkey, South Korea and Spain.

The objective of participation is to be instrumental in the development of the living environment of the Lake Devesset leisure resort. Their work is currently focussed on repairing the wooden walkways around the lake, replacing part of the fence and installing solar lights along the paths through the Lake Devesset Camp Site.

The Lake Devesset leisure resort team are extremely grateful to all of the Concordia volunteers for their tireless hard work.